Wednesday, November 30, 2011

While we're on the subject

According to the Time Out Blog, The Exhibit Bar made a breakthrough by installing a video game that is controlled with urine.

Watersport meets Wintersport

‘The bar in Cambridge told us that there are two things they’ve found there are less of,’ says Gordon. ‘There has been less mess, which we sort of expected because we designed the game so you’re not splashing about, and less vandalism. When we put it in, people thought it’d be ripped off the wall within a week, but it’s still there after four months. Because people are having a laugh, there’s a lot less vandalism. People just tend to get less angry.’ Not just a frivolous bit of fun, then, but a social media tool, an instrument for bladder control rehabilitation, and a machine leading the fight against toilet-based violence. Tell the Blogmistress the digital revolution has arrived in London, and it’s all kicking off in a public toilet in Balham.

Cumaini has another, more mathematical approach to the story.

It remains unknown whether there is a plan of Captive Media to design games specifically for the ladies

Almost a year ago, Toilets in Japan were fitted with urine-controlled games, but A Sega spokesman said the company had "no concrete plans to make them into actual products."

May be they will reconsider their dismissal.

Perhaps video games in the heads on the USS George HW Bush might deter some of the alleged sailor sabotage.