Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Navy Times shows it cares

Thank you, Josh Stewart for showing interest in this story!

Toilets on the $6.2 billion, taxpayer-funded “centerpiece of the forces necessary for forward presence” do not work. Locks on working facilities seem to have been strategically placed to cause friction between ship personnel and the air wing.

The major problem occurred when the ship’s skipper ordered cipher locks installed on the doors to heads. Only ship’s company has locks on the doors to their heads, effectively locking out the squadrons (air wing, pilots, mechanics, etc.) to 85% of the heads on the ship. When working in the hangar, the closest heads are on the mess decks, but those are all locked up. The heads that are not locked, do not work. There was a period of at least 2 days when the only heads that were in operation were the ones that were locked.

Taxpayers are outraged over the living conditions of the men and women onboard the USS George H.W Bush.