Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toilet paper rationing for schoolchildren in Spain

The Telegraph reports
Schoolchildren in Catalonia are the latest victims of austerity cuts with authorities instructing them to limit their use of lavatory paper in a bid to save money.
After I first voiced my concern over the locks on doors to heads on board the USS George HW Bush, I started hearing about missing rolls of toilet paper on board the ship, which could have explained why some sailors chose to stuff inappropriate items down them - did not excuse them but may have explained why. The Telegraph article continues
The northeastern region has been ordered to rein in its deficit and has embarked on a series of stringent austerity cuts. The latest edict issued by the region’s ministry of education instructs state schools to cut “excessive consumption” of toilet roll among pupils and limit the quota to a maximum of 25 metres per child per month.
I would hate to be the one responsible for measuring and insuring.
This most recent penny saving measure comes amid widespread cuts to education budgets across Spain that has led to regular protests in the streets by teachers. Doctors in debt laden Catalonia have also been called out on strike in recent weeks angry at health budget cuts that have left public hospitals over stretched. Spain’s autonomous regions have been forced by the central government to reduce their spending to help meet the nation’s budget deficit reduction target. Fresh austerity cuts are expected under the conservative Popular Party, which ousted the Socialists to win an absolute majority on November 20 and whose leader Mariano Rajoy will be sworn in as Prime Minister on December 22.
I believe it's true. No matter how bad we think we have it, no matter how much we grumble and complain, the United States of America is THE BEST COUNTRY in the WORLD. One of the reasons our country is not only the BEST but the STRONGEST is our military. It's not the only reason, but it is a big reason. Often only a show of force is enough to make others back down - because we will NOT BACK DOWN. Welome home sailors!